Introducing, from DELSPAN, LLC, the EASYBRIDGETM  a simple prefabricated bridge blank, comprised of an engineered titanium truss and integral composite tooth, that you, the dentist, shape, bond, and adjust in only one visit.

 No laboratories, final impressions or digital scans required. If you can cut MOD preps in a straight line in the abutment teeth, you can place this bridge with ease.

  For your patients who want a fixed replacement tooth without implants or extensive tooth preparation, this minimally invasive EASYBRIDGETM is the least expensive, most robust and by far the fastest option.

   ​Maximize your profit while minimizing patient chairtime.

FREE EASYBRIDGETM  blank molars are available for your trial. If you would like to try one in your practice just provide the following information and we will send one to you free of charge: